By Dog Parents, for Dog Parents

Thom and Morgan wanted their dog, Tesla, to live the longest life possible. Together, they conducted months of research and discussion with veterinary professionals to identify the best possible formula for dog longevity. Thom and Morgan are both West Point graduates and military veterans.

Community First

Naturally Royal started as a community project first. Thom started the Facebook Group "Dog Longevity" in 2023, where he shared his research on the latest longevity science. Naturally Royal was born out of a need to help our dogs live longer. To this day, Naturally Royal is still a major part of Dog Longevity.

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The Long Term Vision

Thom is a scientist with an MS in Biotechnology. While the company is starting with supplements and injury-prevention, we will pursue R&D to find additional longevity treatments, to give our dogs the longest life possible.