Why Fasting Works for Longevity

Why Fasting Works for Longevity

Longevity Tip: Why Fasting Works for Longevity

Tip Summary: Fasting can significantly benefit your dog's health, enhancing their immune system, detoxifying the body, promoting cellular renewal, reducing inflammation, and even aiding in chemotherapy treatments.

Last longevity tip, we discussed some of the core pillars of how we can promote longevity for our dogs. One of the major pillars is fasting. In much the same way that intermittent fasting has becomes popular in humans recently, those same benefits can apply to our dogs. We can do that by optimizing meal timing, without reducing overall food intake, allowing our dogs to experience all the upsides of fasting. Let’s look at how it works, and the best practices for fasting:

Key Benefits of Fasting:

  • Boosted Immunity & Longevity: Fasting reallocates energy from digestion to repair and regeneration, potentially extending life.

  • Detoxification: Transitioning from glucose to fat burning helps eliminate stored toxins.

  • Cellular Cleansing: Increases in cell turnover and cleanup (macrophage activity) enhance bodily health.

  • Anti-Inflammatory Effects: Reduced insulin levels during fasting periods lower inflammation.

  • Cancer Support: Fasting may protect against toxicity and improve treatment efficacy.

Implementing a Fasting Regime:

  • Safe Practices: Ensure fasting is suitable for your dog's health by consulting with a vet, focusing on meal timing within an 8-hour window to allow 16-18 hours of fasting.

  • Exclusions: Fasting is not recommended for puppies, diabetic dogs, or pregnant dogs due to their specific nutritional needs.

Implication for Longevity: Intermittent fasting, when appropriately implemented, can be a transformative approach to your dog's health and longevity, helping to detoxify their system, cleanse their cells, and reduce inflammation.

Source: National Library of Medicine

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