Double Lifespan with Longevity Stacking

Double Lifespan with Longevity Stacking

Double Lifespan with Longevity Stacking

I know, I know, you’re thinking that doubling a dog’s lifespan seems impossible. I completely understand how it sounds unrealistic. But, Bobi became the world’s oldest dog (aged 31) by doing just one of these longevity practices (homemade food). So, what practice am I referring to?

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I’m referring to the concept of what I call longevity stacking, the idea that we take the most powerful, scientifically recognized, longevity practices, and pair them together to compound those effects into the longest lifespan possible.

We do that by incorporating the top practices that increase lifespan by non-trivial amounts, i.e. greater than 10% lifespan increases per solution. By taking the top 5 life-extension techniques and pairing them together, we can achieve a theoretical multiplicative lifespan increase of approximately 167% - more than double the average lifespan.

Here’s how we can support those assumptions:
1. Assume that each longevity solution is multiplicative of each previous intervention
2. Mathematically, we calculate that by assuming:
New lifespan = Previous lifespan × (1 + Percentage increase/100)
3. After iterating through each assumption, our total lifespan increase from our base assumption of 100% is 267%, for an increased lifespan of 167%

Do I believe this is exact science? No, as each dog’s body is different, and the combined effect of all interventions will likely be less than the multiplicative assumption previously outlined, but I do believe we can assume that the magnitude of these effects will be in the same ballpark.

So, what does this longevity stack consist of? Let’s go over each of the components with a brief overview, their projected impact, and how we can achieve each one:

1. Homemade / High Quality Food
Lifespan Increase: 30%
What: Homemade food (I also believe that to mean high quality food)
How: Like was the case with Bobi’s parents, they said they fed her human food that was soaked in water. Exactly as this study found, high quality, non-processed food had a major impact on longevity. If you’re unable to do homemade food, something like Farmer’s Dog would probably do just as well.

2. Cellular Health:
Lifespan Increase: (~30%)
What: NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide)
How: Supplementing with NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) supports cellular health, vital for overall well-being and longevity, which has been shown to increase lifespan by about 30%.
Recommendation: One of the best supplements for this is Naturally Royal’s Longevity & Vitality chews, which promotes cellular health with NMN. This is a company that was developed within our Dog Longevity community. This chew also reduces inflammation, accomplishing longevity strategy 5 as well.

3. Rapamycin
Lifespan Increase: 25%
What: Rapamycin
How: In mice, low-dose rapamycin therapy reduced cancer incidence, improved cognitive and muscle function, and reversed declines in heart and immune function. It extended their lifespan by an impressive 25%.
Recommendation: The Dog Aging project is conducting the largest-ever study on aging in dogs, and will provide rapamycin to your dog for enrolling in their study.

The Dog Aging website

4. Lean-Feeding with Intermittent Fasting
Lifespan Increase: 15%
How: Lean feeding delays the onset of chronic diseases, improves glucose regulation, helps dogs maintain a stronger immune system response over time, and has shown to decrease hip dysplasia by 50%, and resulted in less severe osteoarthritis. Reduction of food intake by 25% is the essential component of lean feeding. Intermittent fasting can also be added.

5. Inflammation Reduction
Lifespan Increase: 10%
How: Reducing inflammation helps to decrease oxidative stress and the production of free radicals, which can drastically improve longevity at the cellular level. Addition of supplements like Fisetin, ALA, or NAC, are some of the supplements that can help to achieve this.

By integrating lean-feeding with intermittent fasting, high-quality nutrition, supplements to boost NAD+ levels, rapamycin, and reducing inflammation you create a holistic health approach. This is my attempt at creating a blueprint for how our dogs can live as long as Bobi, and potentially longer.

The nice thing about this protocol is that you can address two of the strategies at home, without additional purchases. You can volunteer for the Dog Aging Project to get Rapamycin. For the last two, NMN and inflammation reduction, you can accomplish both of those with Naturally Royal’s Longevity & Vitality chew.